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2012 Season

Artikel ‘Sterren van Morgen’

Krant van West-Vlaanderen Posted on Sat, December 29, 2012 15:44:50

Deze week in de Krant van West-Vlaanderen – ‘Sterren van Morgen’

– Leuke foto en goed artikel geschreven door Marie Carpentier.

Je kan nog snel een krantje gaan halen 😉


WTV Focus Interview Posted on Wed, December 19, 2012 20:30:53

Today I taught two Olympians how to play golf: Emmanuel Vanluchene
(swimmer) and Michael Bultheel (400m hurdler).

The video will be aired on WTV Focus the 30th of December. Should be
fun to watch 🙂

A few snap shots can be found on my Twitter account (@lo_herman)

Third Round

Qualifying School, Marrakesh Posted on Sat, December 08, 2012 23:14:53

The third round of Q-School was played today. Shot 79 and am

As if my week isn’t tough enough already, I had some trouble
with my left elbow this morning when I couldn’t stretch it out completely.
During the beginning of my round it bothered me every time I made contact with
the ground. Luckily it improved a bit during the round. Today I did some good
stuff but had a couple of high numbers that could have been avoided. Couldn’t
seem to roll in many putts so wasn’t able to make up for some of those shots.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a round in tomorrow with some
tape around the elbow.

Let’s try to squeeze a good round out tomorrow to finish the
season off.

Afterwards I’m going to take a break from golf and think
about other stuff for a little while.

Hope you guys will be back for the 2013 season on the LET
Access Tour 🙂

Congratulations to the other Belgians who are doing well and
will probably be competing next week for the Tour cards. Good luck to them!

– Won’t be able to post anything tomorrow since I’m taking
off right after my round.

Second Round

Qualifying School, Marrakesh Posted on Fri, December 07, 2012 21:06:16

The second round of Q-school was played today. I shot 79 and
am T73rd.

I started on hole 10 today. The first few holes went very
smoothly – fairway…green…2 putts. The putts didn’t really want to roll in but I
felt like I just had to stay patient. On my 7th hole I had a good
chip-in and then rolled a putt in on my 9th hole. So after 9 holes I
was -1 and felt like I was back in the running…

Then the back 9 came along and I just lost control of the
ball once again. Tried to keep the ball in play as much as I could but it just
didn’t want to work. On top of that I wasn’t able to make any putts either,
which I usually end up saving a few shots with. In the end I finished with a brilliant
birdie…what a cruel sport huh?

I’m off at 10:20 tomorrow on the 10th hole at Al

Live Scoring through this link:

First Round

Qualifying School, Marrakesh Posted on Thu, December 06, 2012 22:29:21

The first round of Tour School was played today. I shot 81
and am T70th.

I took a very bad start to my round and pretty much
struggled all round off the tee. Only saw one fairway today. I fought hard, but
wasn’t able to make everything up with my short game. As most of you will
probably be thinking: ”Same story…?” Yes, sadly enough it seems like it. I
thought I had it figured out when everything went quite well the last couple of
weeks. However, today under a bit of pressure, it didn’t hold.

NO TIME to let my head hang low though! There are three more
days and if I can post a few good scores up there, I still have a shot at
making it. Some day the hard work will pay off! Why not this week, right?

Thank you for all the kind, heart-warming messages; they are
greatly appreciated! Sorry I haven’t responded to most of them – trying to keep
my phone bill as low as possible during my time here.

I’m off first tomorrow at 8:30 on the 10th hole
at Amelkis. There will be live scoring again tomorrow and you can follow through this

Practice Rounds

Qualifying School, Marrakesh Posted on Wed, December 05, 2012 22:01:53

First of all I would like to explain what Qualifying School
really is because not so many people know what it actually stands for.
Qualifying school, also known as Q-school or Tour School, is the final
tournament of the year where a lot of us play for 30 Ladies European Tour cards
available for the 2013 season. There are two stages. First stage is played from
06-09/12 and final stage is played from 13-17/12. In order to move on from
first stage to final stage, you have to finish in the top 45 and ties of your
group. At final stage the professionals who didn’t keep their card this year,
which should be about 70 players, and the top 15 of the LETAS ranking will join
the top 90. Final stage is played over 5 rounds with a cut after 4 rounds where
60 players and ties go onto the last day. On the very last day of final stage,
top 30 and ties get a Tour card. This year Qualifying School is named after the
princess of Morroco; Lalla Aicha Tour School 2013. We are very lucky the
princess likes women’s golf and decided to have the final championship on her

Two weeks ago I was in Marrakesh for a trainings week as a
preparation for Q-School. I came back last Sunday and have played both courses
twice since then and another 9 holes today. The courses are very different from
one another. ‘Al Maaden’ seems more tourist-like and ‘Amelkis’ is a more
natural course with high palm trees. Both are in good shape and have a nice
layout as you can see on some of the pictures I have posted.

The field has been divided up into two groups; A and B. I’m
in group A, which means I’ll be playing the courses in this order: Al Maaden –
Amelkis – Al Maaden – Amelkis.

On the bag this week is my mom. I feel very lucky that she
is here and would like to apologize to the people back home who were left
without her!

I’m off hole 1 at ‘Al Maaden’ at 9:40 tomorrow. There will
probably be no live scoring, but you can follow the leaderboard through this


Qualifying School, Marrakesh Posted on Tue, December 04, 2012 21:29:29

The internet in the hotel isn’t the greatest, so if you would like to see some pictures of my time in Marrakesh so far – click on the link to my Facebook page:

(You don’t need a Facebook account to open this link)

Tomorrow is the last official practice day and the first round of the Lalla Aicha Tour School 2013 will be played on Thursday.

Will post an update tomorrow after my final preparation!

My New Volvo V40

My New Ride... Posted on Thu, November 29, 2012 13:53:45

Thanks to Volvo Cars Belgium and Garage Novabil in Kortrijk…

Here is my new ride 🙂 – The Volvo V40

The pictures are also posted on my Facebook Page:

– You don’t need a Facebook account to access this page

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